Ellesmere Overtures have a fantastic team of composers and songwriters. Whether you need a new song for an ensemble, stage or screen or promotional videos, we’re here for you.  Our team has experience in writing music for all sizes and styles of ensembles for a variety of purposes. We are available for any length of work in any style.

Should you wish to learn more about our compositional services, please get in touch with us!

Our compositional services include:

Video Games

  • Non-Exclusive (with Soundtrack Release)

  • Exclusive (with Soundtrack Release)        

  • Exclusive (Work for Hire)    

  • Solo Works (including works for piano, harp, keyboard)

  • A Capella Choral Work or Chamber Ensemble (2 - 9 Players/Staves,

SATB and Choral works accompanied)        

  • Electronic Music (Compositional Element only)   

  • Large Chamber Ensemble (10-20 Players/Staves)         

  • Chamber Orchestra, Brass Band or Symphonic Wind Ensembles         

  • Symphony Orchestra           

  • Orchestral Works with Soloist(s) and/or Chorus

Concert Music

Media Commissioned Music

  • Theatrical Scores

  • Television Documentary     

  • Feature Film 

  • Television Drama     

  • Children’s Television           

  • Television Light Ents           

  • Television Signature Tunes and Stings     

  • Advertisements and Commercials 

  • Other Original Material