If our weekly fixed fee doesn’t suit your organization or needs, we can still be of help to you. Our team will still provide you with the best advice and resolve your problems to the same level of standard.


Our Hourly Contract is a pre-made agreement by which Ellesmere Overtures will provide the same consultation and guidance at an hourly rate.

It is impossible to predict when problems will occur within musical organisations. You may urgently seek legal advice; need assisting in concert or administration management, or need a last minute arrangement modifying. Ellesmere Overtures are available for consultation allowing organisations to ensure that they always have unlimited support close to hand.

Should you wish to learn more about our consultation services, please get in touch with us!


Ellesmere Overtures are available for consultation in the following areas:


Administration Management


Artist Development

Audience Reception

Budget Management


Event Planning Management


General music licensing consultation.


Music clearance

Music supervision

Musical Direction Advice

Negotiation for use within media.


Partial Production

Pathways to Collaborators

Post Production



Social Media Promotion


Our fixed Weekly Contract is one of our most popular services. It allows organisations to have Ellesmere Overtures at their disposal 24 hour a day, Monday – Saturday.


We will also take care of the relevant documentation individually to suit your business needs, advise you on project management, dealing with arrangements, scores, orchestrations and other materials.


The cost of this unlimited, customised service depends upon the nature your organisation, budget, number of employees and the number of sites from which you operate. For more information or a quote, please visit our Contact page

Fixed Weekly Contract:  

Our fixed hourly contract allows organisations to have Ellesmere Overtures

at their disposal 24 hour a day, Monday – Saturday.